beyond the boundary
Exclusive properties that are more than mere residences. Although VEVA PRIVA’s three-storey detached homes are located in an urban area, you will still be within the embrace of nature. These urban abodes are uniquely designed in a style called new modern luxury, exuding an air of elegance through the use of premium materials that come standard in every home and the integration of state-of-the-art technology. With superiority in all aspects and details, VEVA PRIVA’s homes afford you an exceptional degree of privacy and the convenience of one of Bangkok’s best locations. Despite the fact that only 7 units are available, one can now be yours.
beyond the boundary
The central design concept is the desire to create a home that serves as a sanctuary of repose with optimum privacy. The team has come up with an L- shape design that maximizes the living space while opening up the landscape by as much as 50%. This design makes room for your very own private garden, in which you can relax to the sight, sound, and scent of nature without ever needing to leave your property. The interior stays cool and comfortable throughout the day thanks to the ingenious system that draws cool air from the swimming pool into your home. Meanwhile, privacy screens protect you from prying eyes. The impressive residences at VEVA PRIVA are all designed to empower you with a superior lifestyle.
viva priva casual modern luxury
We have put so much thought into every residential detail, aiming for perfection. The use of space is thoroughly considered and planned to maximize the potential of every single square meter.
viva priva casual modern luxury
Living Room
Elegantly designed like a floating pavilion, the living room’s double-height ceiling measures 6 meters from the floor. Meanwhile, its terrace bridges the interior space to the outdoor pool and garden. The goal is to make you happy to be home every day - even on your day off.
viva priva Living Pavilion
Master Bedroom
Shaped like a cube, the master bedroom juts out over the swimming pools. Its tall glass windows afford you an immersive view of nature every day. The master bedroom includes an en-suite bathroom and a walk-in closet for extra convenience.
master bedroom
Working Space
The work space is another double-height room with a ceiling that measures 6 meters from the floor. It is also connected to the green space outdoors, acting like a private balcony with a pleasing sight, which works wonders in helping you feel relaxed even while you are working.
master bedroom
Living In The Most Convenient location
Every lifestyle destination is close to you thanks to VEVA PRIVA’s location on the Ekkamai–Ramindra Expressway Frontage Road, one of Bangkok’s most promising neighborhoods. Getting to the inner city is convenient thanks to its proximity to the expressway. There are also a number of shortcuts that will get you to other cities fairly quickly.
map vevapriva